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Love Story Upside Down

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My husband and I, we did everything backward. Yet, looking back, I truly believe this was the only way we would have done it anyway. We have known each other for a long time. Socially. Our life paths crossed briefly on different occasions. Nothing major at the time, but now looking back, I see how Faith was composing her Grand Finale. It began on May’s day; another social gathering; mutual friend. The party was cheerful and busy. By the end of the night, few people remained. The guy, I have known for years approached me and said: “You look amazing tonight”. Then he handed me a business card and mentioned something about a movie. To which I paid no attention, for we had conversations like that years ago. However, a few days later, our mutual friend called me and insisted I meet him and just spend time together. I was in no shape to “spend” time with anybody at the moment because I just came out of a relationship that left me bitter and somewhat tired. He, as I have learned later, was also going through a rough patch in his life journey. It appeared we both have given up on love altogether. Faith, however, was not ready to give up. So I met him. Just to put an end to my friend’s countless pleads. It was July 7, 2007. He had chosen a small restaurant that specializes in seafood and fish. Our conversation was light, somewhat small. Over bowls of mussels and red wine, we were dancing around the big question – was that a date or was it just a social event?! Then, tired of the social etiquette, I asked the scariest question, known to man. “So, is this going to be just fun or you are ready for serious commitment and family?” Silence. “It is a beautiful night and I enjoy your company, but I have no time for that. I am of a certain age, where I am looking for a serious relationship. I want to have family and kids”. I will never forget the confused look on his face. Then he stood up and said: “You look naked tonight, without any jewelry”… And he left. I can’t deny it was terrifying, but honest feeling that came over. Relief and Quiet.

I had my back toward the street so I did not see him coming. He stood in front of me and opened a small jewelry box. It contained the most beautiful pearl necklace and bracelet. He put both on me and said – “There! These were meant for you. And – Yes! I am ready for a family and kids”.

Fast forward - eighteen months. Freezing-cold Chicago morning, we had our beautiful, healthy baby boy. The moment our son was born we set the date for "The Wedding"... Besides the sleepless nights on baby duty, our life was colorful, joyful and very happy. It was Love, I have never thought possible. We were soulmates.

Fast forward to September 9th, 2009. The Wedding. We were living a modest life, and with a baby on board, our wedding was very intimate. Wedding bands were generic, bought at the last moment, just for the service.

Fast forward - three years. We are sitting on the beach in South Florida. My two guys are digging holes and collecting seaweed. Me… I enjoy the squeaking sounds of happiness coming out of my son. Then silence and some more laughter, whispering and then more giggles. “Mommy” screams my little guy and I jump like a soldier. The little-tanned angel stands in front of me with a serious face and unruly curls. Daddy kneeling down beside him gives a sign.

"Mommy, would you marry us? Again?”- They asked together. The little, sandy fists of my most precious present ever, opened. There they were - an exquisite engagement ring in pink sapphire and diamonds, accompanied by a diamond eternity band. “For the eternity we will spend together” - my guys explained to me. So in short: We met; We had a baby; We got married and now We are engaged ...

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Bashert Jewelry True Love Stories. Custom Fine Jewelry Online. Custom Engagement Rings and Matching Wedding Bands. Boca Raton Florida. Testimonials and Customer Reviews


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