Artist In Love

Bashert Jewelry Custom Diamond Engagement Rings and Wedding Bands. Our Story.

"I  grew up learning the craft from my father, master jeweler, in a country with rich goldsmith traditions. I loved what my father does, but as most young artists, for me, it wasn't enough to just keep on doing what generations before me have done. I was striving to find my way and my individual style. I was influenced by the World's architectural wonders and decided to travel, observing the World's colors and traditions. Diving into local folklore and architectural details enriched my understanding of beauty. Along the way, I studied Nature, in all her glory, majestic expressions, and fragile elegance. In my young career, I worked and experimented with various materials to perfect my understanding of the possibilities and the limitations presented with each material. I studied organic movement and forms to develop my sense of fluidity.

At the beginning of 2000, I found my place in a Boutique Jewelry Studio in the Northern suburb of Chicago, where I worked for eleven years. I was fortunate enough to work on big projects for red carpet events and meet with interesting people with very diverse styles. However, the real privilege was to work on all those very intimate projects, where ordinary people, looking for the perfect engagement ring will sit down with me and tell me their story. That was my greatest gift, the opportunity on a daily basis to work with couples "In Love". I have learned to listen, to read, and to marvel at the phenomenon called Love.

One day it just dawned on me! My signature style was not in the certifications I've got on the wall, my greatest inspiration was not something I have studied or observed. Of course, those helped a lot to shape me into the artist I grew up to be. But we evolve, and we change, and our understanding of beauty evolves with us. I realized, behind every piece of jewelry I have ever created, there was the spark that came from someone's unpredictable, unforgettable Love Story. So, I set across the guy that walked in the studio that day and listened to his quiet voice, revealing in shy, half-sentences his Love Story to me. A complete stranger. I realized - sitting across, with nervous anticipation, my own Muse was staring at me. It was The Love Story!

That’s how one sunny Chicago afternoon I have found my own place in the vast multi-million dollar jewelry businesses. A small place, but one, that makes me feel complete.

I Found My Muse. I Tell Love Stories.

In Metal and Precious Gems, I give each Love Story its own expression. From the pencil sketch to the final product in the box, I enjoy the whole process. I am addicted to the challenge each story presents. With every couple I meet, I see new forms, new colors, and new design blossoming. I realize the jewelry, I create, is meant to be a Love Promise. It is a vow with no measure of time. It is an eternity captured in a moment.

I have encountered Love so many times, in so many forms, colors, and shades that it has become the driving power behind my work. So, when people ask me, what do I bring to the bench when working on someone's Love Promise, my answer is very short - I bring All The Love I Have Ever Known.

To all those couples that I worked with, I am eternally grateful, for teaching me how to see, hear, feel, and ultimately create Love Stories. For being my greatest mentor -

Thank You!