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Creating "The Perfect Engagement Ring" is very much like building a relationship. In order to create a "perfect ring", you have to achieve the "perfect harmony" between a stone, design, and the person that will wear it. Some of our clients are looking for the perfect stone, as the “Star” and centerpiece of their Love Story. Some are looking to fall madly in love with a design that tells a story. However, neither a perfect stone nor a breath-taking design alone will make for an exceptional jewelry piece. With twenty-five years of experience as a master goldsmith, jewelry designer, and stone grader, I can help you select a stone and design that will Compliment and Complete each other. Like Diamonds, every Love Story is Unique. Like people and relationships, every diamond has its own charisma and its own genuine, undeniable beauty. I can help you find the right stone for your Unique Love Story. I can give you valuable professional insides on how to shop for a diamond that will fit not only your taste but your budget as well.

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