Frequently Asked Questions - FAQ's

Who are you guys at Bashert Jewelry?

Bashert Jewelry is a family-owned and operated business located in Boca Raton, Florida. We specialize in custom diamond engagement rings, wedding bands, and fine jewelry. Our lead designer Stan-Avner Almaleh has learned the trade from his father, who has learned it from his. Hand-fabricated fine jewelry is our legacy. Our quality is our pride. We strive to keep the jewelry craft as it was always intended to be - hand-fabricated with great attention to detail. In a world of machine-made, faceless products we are trying to revive the very intricate and delicate art of fine jewelry. Every piece that comes out of our studio is custom designed and hand-fabricated to order. That makes our pieces truly unique. We encourage our customers to be active participants in the whole process. From the sketches to the final product, we take into consideration any suggestions and accommodate any changes. Our motto is -



What does Bashert mean?
Bashert is an intricate Yiddish word with many delicately intertwined layers of meanings. In its most common, basic form "Bashert" means "meant to be." In a more modern interpretation, "bashert" stands for "destiny" or "destined to be," not necessarily referring to marriage. However, "bashert" is mostly used in the context of one's divinely predestined spouse or soulmate. Looking for your "bashert" refers to that one person who will complement you perfectly, and whom you will complement perfectly. At Bashert Jewelry, we made it our mission to create unique jewelry pieces, in precious metals and gems, to reflecting your unique Love Story!
Where is your jewelry line made?
Bashert Jewelry pieces are hand-fabricated in our studio, located in downtown Boca Raton, Florida. There is not a single component of our jewelry line that is manufactured elsewhere, but right here in Boca Raton, Florida. We proudly stand for our made in the USA promise. As a small, family-owned, and operated business we are personally invested in every piece we fabricate. Our designers, goldsmiths, and quality control manager are always ready to engage with our customers and answer any questions.
Do you have a store? Can I see your pieces?
We do not have a "bricks and mortar" location. We meet with local clients, by appointment in our Boca Raton studio. Other than our by appointment arrangements, we are strictly a jewelry e-boutique. Not carrying overhead costs gives us the edge to be competitively priced and very flexible with "custom orders" for your individually tailored budgets. Our primary focus is on the quality of our designs, craftsmanship work and excellent customer service experience. Not keeping leftover inventory also guarantees we stay current with the jewelry trends. We are dedicated to delivering truly custom jewelry pieces, that exceed your expectation of both design and quality. Our studio is located in the Zen Offices building, downtown Boca Raton, Florida, at 150 E Palmetto Park Rd. Please call us at  1.888.580.7378  to make an appointment.
I live in the area, can I schedule an appointment to see the pieces from your website?
All jewelry pieces from our website are hand-fabricated to order and tailored to specific customer requests. That makes keeping "prefabricated jewelry" obsolete. We can always schedule an initial appointment to discuss your needs. Furthermore, at any stage of the process, we can meet, so you to review your jewelry piece. For all "long-distance orders" - we e-mail daily updates on the progress of every individual project. 
It is important for me to see and feel the piece! How can this be arranged?
At Bashert Jewelry, we do understand how important it is for our customers to see and feel the jewelry piece before committing to it, especially a piece as personal as an engagement ring or wedding band. That's why we offer free shipping on all our items within the USA, a 15-day money back guaranteed returns. We offer one free ring resizing for 90 days after your purchase. Jewelry is about falling in love with the piece you will be wearing. If the spark does not happen - you can simply return it, redesign or exchange it.
I need help choosing a Diamond! How can you help me?
Any question you have about diamonds, we are here to answer, so you make an informed decision, before purchasing a stone. Our Diamond Experts have more than 25 years of experience and are ready to answer all of your questions. The more you know about diamonds, the more confident you will be purchasing one. Diamond preferences are very diverse and very personal. Nevertheless, understanding the 4C's of a Diamond and other grading measurements will help you make a well-informed purchase.
I have a hard time choosing a design! How can you help me?
Our designers have more than 45 years of combined experience in the bridal jewelry market. Our designers had previously worked for both small family-owned jewelry studios, as well as significant brand designer houses like Tiffany&Co., Harry Winston, and David Yurman. He will gladly discuss with you all "up-to-date" jewelry trends and help you choose a design from our website. We can also design and fabricate a unique jewelry piece, that will best tell your Love Story.  After all, a breathtaking ring is not just a breathtaking stone!
Can I design a custom engagement ring with your designers?
Yes, absolutely! You can custom design an engagement ring with us. We do specialize in custom jewelry. As long as you can imagine what you want - we can make it! Our lead designer is always available to work one-on-one with you and guide you through the process of designing a custom piece, from the pencil sketches to the final product. Creating a custom engagement ring is a great way to express your love. Presenting an engagement ring, tailored for the unique personality of your fiancée-to-be, and your Love Story always has an extraordinary emotional charge to it.
Please, do not hesitate to contact us directly for any custom orders. Call us at  1.888.580.7378
I need help placing an order. Can you help me?
We provide assistance placing an order 24/7. We encourage you to call us, at any stage of the checkout, before finalizing your order. If you feel you have placed an order in error, or your order did not reflect what you wanted – please, call us to change or cancel your order.
Please, note that we DO NOT capture any payments, before attempting to communicate with you first, and make sure your order was placed correctly.
At any event, please, do not hesitate to call us directly at - 1.888.580.7378
How soon can I get my piece?
Hand-fabricating, a jewelry piece, is a step-by-step, very delicate and complicated creative process that takes time and cannot be rushed. We try to deliver all U.S.A. orders 14 days after a purchase was placed and payment was processed.
International orders can take a bit longer depending on the delivery service available in every particular country.
Some official Holidays have to be accounted for when estimating delivery dates, however, we always try to keep our clients up to date, if any delays are to be expected. For hand-engraved items, we can only foresee a "window" of delivery, because hand-engraving usually can take up to 4-6 weeks.
Please note, our studio is located in South Florida. Sometimes we have to deal with Mother's Nature little intricacies, or big statements. We always give plenty of courtesy notice, to all our pending projects, if significant delays are to be expected.
At any event, please, do not hesitate to call us directly at - 1.888.580.7378  if you feel you need to speed up the delivery date, or prefer a specific delivery date further out than 14 days, in which case we will coordinate all details directly with you.
What is the delivery time-frame for “custom designed and fabricated items”?
Delivering a "custom-designed and fabricated" items depends greatly on the working process we establish with every individual client. Communication is a two-way street, and we try to keep it always open. Depending on how prompt our communications are and how fast we establish the final design, we will attempt to deliver your piece not later than 14 days after we finalize the design.
Time-frames can vary depending on how complicated the design is, and how much of "custom" stones have to be sourced. Our one-on-one working process always allows us to foresee an approximate date for delivery.
Please note, our studio is located in South Florida, and sometimes we have to deal with Mother's Nature little intricacies, or big statements. We always give plenty of courtesy notice, to all our "pending projects", if major delays are expected.
At any event, please, do not hesitate to call us directly at - 1.888.580.7378  if you feel you need to speed up the delivery date or prefer a specific delivery date further out than 14 days, in which case we will coordinate all details directly with you.
If I need my piece sooner than the standard 2 weeks delivery time, can you expedite my order?
Delivering ahead of time depends, first and foremost, on how complicated your piece is. Preparing the wax models and casting them in metal, usually takes up to 6-7 days. Setting stones and finishing the piece can take up to 5-6 days. We can't speed up the casting process, but we can try to speed up the finishing stages, without compromising the quality of our work.
In short - finishing your piece can be expedited, not by much, but enough to fit in 9-10 business days.
Depending on where are you in the world, you will have to account for delivery services, customs and such, that can bring the delivering time to 12 days.
At any event, please, do not hesitate to call us directly at - 1.888.580.7378  if you feel you need to speed up the delivery date of your piece and want to get an estimate based on the specifics of your order.
Can I change or cancel my order?
Yes, you can change, cancel, or alter your order up to 3 days after placing the original order.
Please note, that we DO NOT capture any payments, before attempting to communicate with you first, and make sure your order was placed correctly. If there should be any changes you would like to address after you have placed the order, such as inscriptions, size change and such, you can always call us with additional instructions and requests.
After your jewelry piece has been shipped, you have, additional 15 days to return it, if, for any reason, you are not completely satisfied.
We are keeping an open communication line with our clients all through the creative process and beyond. Any questions, concerns, or additional requests can be addressed on a timely basis.
Please, do not hesitate to call us directly at - 1.888.580.7378
How to determine a ring size? 
We do sell universal multipurpose ring sizer. You can purchase one here 
It will allow you to determine the correct size without any complications.

However, If you are planning a surprise - we have a few tools that will help you determine the right ring size:  *  Printable PDF Ring Size Chart 
Helpful tips from our store to you:  *  How to determine the correct ring size and plan your surprise! 
What if I did not order the correct ring size?
Bashert Jewelry offers one free ring re-sizing* ** *** ****, return shipping NOT included, in the first  90 days after the original order was shipped.

   Re-sizing involving adding precious stones or metal (silver, gold or platinum) will be honored after a consultation, and/or re-pricing with our team.
**   Engraved items can be re-sized after a consultation with our master goldsmith. Additional charges may occur for re-engraving the piece if needed.
***  Re-sizing Eternity Bands might require fabricating a completely new ring. Additional charges may occur based on individual assessment.  
****  Re-sizing services are only available to orders placed within the USA.  

Can you hand engrave or laser inscribe my ring?

Yes, absolutely! We can either hand-engrave or laser-inscribe your ring.

For hand-engraving, we ask you to allow additional two-three weeks for delivering. So, if you are planning to have your ring hand-engraved, please allow 4-6 weeks for delivery of the final piece.

Laser engraving, or hand engraving your piece, makes it that much more personal. Whether initials, a favorite quote or secret message, known only to you and your beloved, our engraving adds a personal touch to an engagement ring or wedding band.
If you decide to inscribe your Engagement Ring, Wedding Bands or Pendants - we would like to extend our gratitude for entrusting us to create and deliver your dreams, by offering you a Complimentary Inscription up to 5 characters. The size of the engraving will vary depending on the thickness of the ring/item inscribed.

* Please note: Hand engraving can take up to 2-3 weeks to complete. It has to be specified in your notes; otherwise, your piece will be laser inscribed.

Please, don't hesitate, call us to discuss your options:: 1.888.580.7378

Is Bashert Jewelry's logo going to be inscribed on the inside of my ring and can I opt out of it?
Yes, we do inscribe our simplified company logo on the inside of each piece, (where space available), showing we stand for our work and take pride in our craftsmanship. Depending on the design you are interested in, we can move the logo on either side of the inside of the ring band, in order to make space for your personal inscription. Our designers are always available to work out the best solution for your individual needs.
What is the quality of Bashert Jewelry's "Handpicked Diamonds" used for your engagement rings and/or wedding bands?
At Bashert Jewelry we strive to offer full transparency on our diamonds. The quality of our "handpicked diamonds", larger than 0.25ctw is - Color G; Clarity - VS1. All "hand-picked" center diamonds are GIA certified and graded Excellent or Triple Excellent; Color G; Clarity - VS1.
The quality of the meleé diamonds, lesser than 0.20ctw, used for our wedding bands or as accent stones for our engagement rings is premium cut - Color - F, G; Clarity - VS or VS1. All items on the website specify Color, Clarity and Grade for all Diamonds we offer.
* Please note: If you are looking for Clarity, Color, Cut and Carat not listed in our "hand-picked choices" we are happy to source, upon request, a variety of Diamonds to fit your requirements. .
Are Bashert Jewelry's "Handpicked Diamonds" laser treated, color or clarity enhanced, heat treated or modified in any other way?
No, our "handpicked diamonds" are NOT treated or enhanced in any way. Some Color-Diamonds we work with may have been color enhanced. That is always reflected in their GIA certification/passport. However, such purchases are discussed and decided upon with every individual client. Before purchasing a color-diamond we always go over the quality of the stone in question. Some meleé color-diamonds can also be color enhanced. Depending on the individual order and preferences, we can source both treated and not treated color-diamonds meleé.
Are all diamonds used by Bashert Jewelry GIA certified? Why can’t I opt for a Diamond certified by another laboratory?
All our center stones are GIA certified and come with all the proper documentation for you to have. The GIA ( Gemological Institute of America) has a stellar reputation, and have built a worldwide recognition for its Diamond Grading System. We have been using GIA certified stones for over a decade, and have found, that the quality of their grading services is second to none. We can always discuss your options to buy a diamond graded by a laboratory, other than the GIA. Those purchases, however, are treated as "custom orders".  
What are GIA certificates? What is a GIA passport? What kind of information do they contain? Do you provide GIA certificates/passports with all of your orders?
A GIA report contains a full scientific and unbiased assessment of your diamond’s 4Cs. GIA tests every diamond submitted to establish its authenticity as a diamond and whether it’s been subjected to treatments. GIA reports provide a full description of the diamond, including color, weight, measurements, and cutting style, and disclose any known treatments. Know with confidence that your D-to-Z diamond is natural with GIA diamond grading reports. Included in the reports is a full 4Cs assessment – color, cut, clarity and carat weight – along with polish, symmetry, and fluorescence. For standard round brilliant cut diamonds, the reports come with a GIA Cut grade. Multiple security features on GIA diamond grading reports ensure their authenticity. GIA reports contain a GIA Certification Number for your Diamond. The Certification Number can be laser inscribed on the girdle of your diamond. If that is, in fact, the case, the diamond passport/certificate will indicate that your diamond has its certificate number inscribed on the girdle. If the diamond wasn't inscribed, you can request inscription with the GIA. You can personalize, brand or easily identify your diamond. Microscopically inscribe a personal message, symbol, logo, or your diamond’s unique GIA report number on its girdle. Please note, that process can take up to 6 to 10 weeks and requires the stone to be shipped to the GIA headquarters. Additional fees apply, payable directly to the GIA.
Can I opt out of Bashert Jewelry pre-selected "hand-picked" diamonds and purchase a different diamond that fits my personal preferences?
Yes, you can choose your unique diamond and we can source it for you. You can find all the information you need to make a decision available on our website. We encourage you to rich out and talk to our diamond experts. We can be very competitive when it comes to diamond pricing. With an extensive network of reputable diamond cutters and diamond dealers, and we can accommodate any taste or budget.
If I purchase a loose diamond that was not pre-selected by Bashert Jewelry is this purchase treated as “custom order” and is it eligible for 15-day returns?
Yes, this order will be considered a “custom order” and you will receive a 7-day return on the diamond/color stone, (accept Moissanite), If you love the design, but you do not fall in love with the stone you chose, you can return the ring within 7 days for a full refund, or select another diamond/color stone to be mounted in this design.
Do I have to pay extra to have a diamond I chose to be set into my ring of choice?
No, you do not have to pay extra to have a diamond, or a color stone of your choice set in our designs as long as you have purchased it with us.
Do I have to pay extra to have a diamond/stone I purchased elsewhere or an heirloom stone/diamond set into my ring?
If you have purchased your diamond elsewhere, or would like to use an heirloom stone/diamond, a small up-charge is applied to the price of our settings, since they are very conservatively priced, as a part of a pair. We discuss any anticipated up-charges with our customers before a "custom item" is set for them in our online store. These orders are considered "custom orders".
Can I purchase just a ring setting form you, and have it finished elsewhere?
Our settings are not sold separately!
If we are to create a ring, featuring an heirloom stone/diamond, or a stone/diamond you purchased elsewhere, we will discuss design and details, prior setting a "custom item" on our website for you to purchase.
I own an heirloom diamond/color stone. Can it be set in one of Bashert Jewelry Designs?
Yes, we would love to have your heirloom stone set in our design. We understand the importance and emotional charge of stones handed down generation to the next. These stones tell the Love Stories of a few generations.
If your heirloom stone comes mounted in a ring, as an added sentimental value, we can use some of the precious metal, after a refining process, into the new piece. Upon evaluation, We can offer you a credit for the remaining precious metal, or return the old mounting back to you.
To start working on an heirloom piece, we do not require to have your stone in hand. If you have the proper paperwork with the gem's dimensions, we can start working on your ring, using the information provided in the documentation. Once your ring is ready to be set, we will require your gem to be shipped to us via FedEx Direct Signature service. We will need 48 hours to complete the piece and send it back to you.
In the case of missing paperwork, we require to have the gem in our possession in order to model the ring to the specific stone. Intricate designs like Halo Engagement Rings, Three Stone Rings, Wrap-Around Rings or Tension Rings require absolute precision, therefore, we need to inspect and measure your stone before crafting the mounting. 
Since we offer free appraisal with our jewelry pieces over $1000, any appraisals for gems, provided by the customer will be based on existing paperwork you present to us. If your stone doesn't have “passport” - gemological certification available, we will measure and evaluate your stone upon receiving it.
While we will take every precaution to ensure that your diamond is professionally mounted in our ring setting, BashertJewely.com cannot be responsible for any damage that may occur during the setting process. CZ (cubic zirconia), synthetic diamonds, clarity-enhanced diamonds, and gemstones, or other synthetic substitutes are particularly prone to damage and we would politely decline to work with any of those. We make exceptions for Charles & Colvard Moissanite and Diamond Foundry Above Earth Diamonds.
What is Moissanite?
Moissanite is a rare, naturally occurring mineral also known as silicon carbide. Named after Nobel Prize-winning chemist Dr. Henri Moissan, Moissanite was first discovered in 1893 at the site of a massive meteorite strike in Arizona. Scientists in Research Triangle Park, North Carolina later developed the thermal growing process that creates silicon carbide crystals, which are fashioned into moissanite gemstones. Natural moissanite is incredibly rare, so moissanite available today is mostly laboratory-created. After many years of trial and error, the particles Moissan discovered were successfully synthesized to produce what is now one of the world’s most scintillating gemstones. Moissanite has a greater refractive index and therefore contains more fire and brilliance – the internal play of light inside the gem – than diamonds. Moissanites are engineered to give the illusion of similarity to diamonds but are compositionally and visually quite different from a real diamond. The durability, brilliance, and color of the two gems are quite distinct. Moissanite is an Environmentally and Socially Responsible stone. We use Charles & Colvard - Forever One Moissanite. It was introduced as the first colorless moissanite created gemstone in September of 2015. Forever One is the epitome of created moissanite, and it’s helping change the way the industry thinks about environmental responsibility, and the way buyers think about fine jewelry. Forever One moissanite is lab-grown, so there is no mining involved in the creation process. It is not harmful to the earth, and it is not involved in any conflict trade. Moissanite is a 9.25 on the Moh’s scale, making it a very durable stone, suitable for everyday wear. Moissanite is Second to Diamond in Terms of Hardness. As usual, we recommend speaking to our gemologist before purchasing a Moissanite. 
Please, do not hesitate to call us   1.888.580.7378  
What is the quality and origin of the Moissanite Bashert Jewelry is offering?
We work exclusively with Forever One Moissanite by Charles & Colvard. Forever One is the culmination of two centuries of research and two decades of continuous innovation and is now available in two color grades: colorless (D-E-F) and near-colorless (G-H-I)*. The difference between the two is barely discernable with the naked eye, but we at Bashert Jewelry work exclusively with the (D-E-F) Flawless Forever One. Charles & Colvard grading scale guarantees their colorless (D-E-F) gemstones are just that, colorless. Charles & Colvard Created Moissanite comes in all of the same cuts, settings, and configurations in which diamonds can be featured.
Please, do not hesitate to call us   1.888.580.7378 
If I choose a Moissanite by Charles & Colvard, would my order be eligible for a return?
We do not accept returns on Moissanite for the following reason - Moissanite is a personal choice. We offer the very best quality Moissanite on the market. We work with D-E-F / FLAWLESS Moissanite by Charles & Colvard. We are confident the quality of their Moissanite is exceptional, therefore the best you can get.
As usual, we recommend speaking to our designers throughout the process: Please, do not hesitate to call us at - 1.888.580.7378  
What is the quality of Bashert Jewelry's "Handpicked" Color Stones and Pearls?
We offer full transparency on our stones and Pearls.
Since Mother Nature is an artist with no boundaries, color stones and Pearls can vary wildly in color, undertones, and hues, hence picking a color stone is always tailored not only to our client's personal aesthetic views, but budget as well.
Whenever possible, we work with GIA Certified Color Stones. The GIA Identification Report of a Color Stone describes whether the stone is natural or synthetic, identifies the type of gemstone, and includes any detectable treatments. This report also contains a detailed description of the gem such as cut, shape, weight, measurement, and color, and includes a photograph of the gemstone. We have experienced throughout the years that "Color" seems to be the most essential "face value" when it comes to choosing a Color Stone or a Pearl.
We will work with you to find the best Premium Stones to fit your budget and unique color/hue preference.
Are Bashert Jewelry's "Handpicked" Color Stones laser treated, color or clarity enhanced, heat treated or modified in any other way?
No, our handpicked color stones are NOT treated or enhanced in any way. We strive, whenever possible, to work with GIA Certified Color Stones. If a color stone was in any way treated or enhanced, that information is always reflected in the stone's GIA certification/passport. Not all color stones, however, come with a GIA certificate, where treatment and origin are verified. However, such purchases are discussed, and decided upon, with every individual client. Before purchasing a color-stone, we always go over the quality of the stone in question.
Some melee color-stones can be color/heat/laser enhanced. Depending on the preferences of each client we can source, both treated, and not treated melees.
Are the color stones/Pearls you use Natural or Synthetic?
We do not work with synthetic color stones. Period.
Our Pearls are Genuine Cultured Pearls. We offer a variety of origins ranging from iconic Akoya Pearls to South Sea Golden Pearls, to Tahitian Aubergine Pearls. We can source variety of color, size and origin, genuine cultured Pearls, by customer's request.
What are "Above Earth" Diamonds?
Above Earth Diamonds are also known as Lab Diamonds. "Above Earth Diamond" is alchemy Above Earth product. That's why millennials have adopted the term "Above Earth Diamond", rather than just lab-grown Diamonds. Essentially these are gems, grown by scientists instead of created in the earth’s crust. Above Earth Diamonds are absolutely real diamonds, they display the same chemical and optical properties as natural diamonds. Above Earth Diamonds start with the selection of the finest quality diamond seeds, placed in a growth chamber, where ideal bellow-earth conditions for the seeds to grow are recreated. The growth process is a magical alchemy happening in the unique growth chambers, where carbon crystallizes onto the diamond seed. The pure, tiny core is fired by microwave energy to match bellow-earth conditions, bringing the diamond alive and allowing it to grow to its maximum potential. All Above Earth Diamonds are created in high-temperature, high-pressure chambers that reproduce the conditions in the earth’s crust. The result is carbon atoms arranged in the structure of a diamond crystal and diamonds that are every bit as magical as the ones created naturally millions of years ago and mined today, with the exception of being true "conflict-free" gems. Above Earth Diamonds are available in both classic Round Brilliant cut as well as almost every fancy cut that is available for Earth-mined Diamond, at prices about 30% less, than Earth-mined Diamonds. Pure Grown Diamonds is the leading company in producing Above Earth Diamonds. They created genuine, Type IIa diamonds with the same composition and properties as natural diamonds. Type IIa Diamonds are very pure and completely colorless. These stones are very rare in nature (approximately 2% of all worldwide mined Diamonds). The Above Earth Diamonds environmental impact on the planet is at least 7% lesser than that caused by mined diamonds. The Above Earth Diamonds fulfill the 4 C’s brilliantly - color, clarity, cut, carat weight. Physically, chemically and optically, they are identical to mined diamonds. The only difference is their origin.
What is the quality of your Above Earth Diamonds?
We are working with Pure Grown Diamonds (PGD). Pure Grown Diamonds are graded by leading Gemological institutes and cherished by anyone seeking a truly beautiful, bigger, environmentally and socially responsible diamond of the highest quality, purity, and rarity. Pure Grown Diamonds are of exceptional purity and quality. Each diamond is as unique as the person who wears it. Pure Grown Diamond (PGD) are the pioneers in Above Earth diamond industry and are the largest selling grown diamond brand in the United States. Pure Grown Diamonds set the standard and are becoming the diamond of choice for the socially responsible and eco-conscious diamond buyer. No need to further choose between beauty, quality, and conscience. With a Pure Grown Diamond, you can have it all.
If I choose Above Earth Diamond and purchase it with you, would my order be eligible for return?
We source Above Earth Diamonds with the highest quality color and clarity of lab-grown diamonds. The returns on Pure Grown Diamonds are limited to 15 days after the item was shipped.  
As usual, we recommend speaking to our designers throughout the process: Please, do not hesitate to call us   1.888.580.7378  
Are items under “design your own ring” considered a custom order and do they also qualify for 15 days money back guarantee?
Yes, items that are not showcased on our website, and are custom designed and crafted for a specific request are considered “custom orders” or “one-of-a-kind”. Those orders will not be eligible for 15 days money back guaranteed returns.  

Please note:  If you like your design, but do not fall in love with the center stone, you can request a new diamond set in your "one-of-a-kind" design. In this case, if you have returned the ring within 7 days of the initial shipment, we will credit the full amount of the diamond, back to you. A "special order" will be set for you to purchase a new stone/diamond. Setting a new stone/diamond with different dimensions into an already fabricated mounting may require re-making of the whole ring. That may result in additional charges. Our designers and diamond expert review all your options before you place an order, so you are absolutely confident in both your design and diamond choices. 
Do you certify stones? Can you help me certify my heirloom stone?
No, we do not certify stones. However, we can help you navigate the certification process with the GIA. Please note, certification with the GIA can take weeks to complete, so it has to be carefully planned if your piece is intended for a specific occasion/date.
Do you provide insurance appraisals?
Yes, every Bashert Jewelry piece, with value $1,000 or greater, comes with a complimentary appraisal.
Do you insure jewelry?
No, we do not insure jewelry pieces. However, we work and can highly recommend a company with a stellar reputation in the business of insuring jewelry -  *  Jewelers Mutual  
Do you ship outside of the USA? What are your shipping rates for international shipping?
Yes, we do ship outside of the USA. The shipping rates vary depending on the country we ship to. We provide complimentary shipping on all orders over $6,000, no matter where in the world you are located. For international shipping, we offer you to choose a delivery carrier at check out. We have a long-established relationship with USPS, UPS, and FedEx. However, their delivery time-frames can be very different, depending on your location.
Who pays for my jewelry piece to clear customs? Who pays the local taxes?
Customs, Duties, and Taxes - The customs office of the destination country may impose customs fees, import duties, taxes, and other charges to your international order where applicable. These additional charges required for customs clearance are the responsibility of the recipients
Please be advised that Bashert Jewelry has no control over any of these charges and cannot guarantee estimates of customs, duties, and taxes that may be applied. The actual amount charged by customs may differ.
Please contact your local customs office for further details.
Do You accept international returns?
No, we do not accept international returns.  For orders shipped internationally, we cannot offer returns, since we do not have representation in any other geographical location, but Boca Raton, Florida, and taxes are levied every time a jewelry item crosses the border. For the same reason, we cannot offer resizing or alteration to any of our international orders.
Do you accept "in-person" returns for items bought at your studio in Boca Raton, Florida?
No, we do not accept returns for in-person* ordered and received items (* items ordered and received in person in our studio). 
Upon consultation, we can offer you a full or partial store credit for your piece.
Do you provide extended care for your jewelry - cleaning, rhodium re-plating, and inspection?
Bashert Jewelry offers one complimentary ring resizing, rhodium re-plating, cleaning and inspection*, (* return shipping not included), in the first 90 days after the original order was shipped. 
However, resizing, rhodium re-plating, cleaning, and any alterations are only available to orders placed in the USA. For orders shipped internationally, we cannot offer ring resizing or alterations, since taxes are levied every time a jewelry item crosses the border.
* Resizing that involves adding precious stones or metal (gold/platinum) will be honored after consultation with our team.
** Engraved items can be resized after a consultation with our master goldsmith. Additional charges may occur for re-engraving the piece if needed.