I have always wondered what is it all about? Have you?
Walking down a rainy pavement, on a hot summer night, I have wondered about Life and Love? The kind of Love - that fills your heart with very special things - with angel songs and wild imaginings … The kind of Love - that spins around in your brain like the bubbles in a glass of champagne … The kind of Love - that makes all else irrelevant!
Under the low street lights, on steamy city sidewalks, I have walked and Love walked next to me, reminding me about all the times I fell in and out of Love; The times I've said “I love you” and the times I've heard it back … Ah, Love!
Love is a fickle material to work with ... For centuries, artists have attempted to decipher the mystery of Love, and answer the ancient old question - How Does Love Happen to Be? In sculptures, poems, jewelry, songs and dance, books and motion pictures, artists of all walk of art have tried to capture that first spark and give Love a Form.
Is Love the spontaneous recognition of your intended half? Does it rage like a wildfire, that engulfs every cell of your body until you realize that you are incapable of existing without the other? Or is Love, the quiet serenity of long friendship? Is it, just an attraction that after years of cultivating and care, nurturing and compromise, blooms into Love?


Maybe Love Just Is!

Extraordinary! Always Unique … Always Unforgettable … Always Love – but Never the Same. 
Love Stories are all worth celebrating ... So …


“Where do we begin?
To tell the story of how great a love can be
The sweet love story that is older than the sea"


At  BashertJewelry  our art is telling Love Stories in Precious Metals and Sparkling Stones. Love Stories weaved in unique designs, carrying the message of Your Feelings for each other; Your Promises; Your Hopes and Dreams. We tell Your Love Stories in exquisite jewelry.
For not every Love Story is put in rhymes, sung by Shirley Bassey, and recorded with a symphony orchestra, but every Love Story has its Band. And every Band has its Story. Remarkable Love Story, with its own starry skies, sycamore trees, and breezes whispering “I love you” …
For not every Sleepless is in Seattle, but we all have been sleepless somewhere, sometimes, dwelling over the question – “Are we meant to be”? For all those sleepless nights, when Love kept you up, let us create a priceless sparkle to remember them by. A Light - that will always be her True North. Always Found – Never Lost!
For not Every Helen has her Paris, but every girl out there fancies the moment Love will sweep her off her feet and steal her heart. Let us make that one moment last forever in a symphony of colors and forms.
As an artist, I have always wondered how can I collect all this amazing energy called Love and contain it in a single piece. Love is so complex and strong, and at the same time, so incredibly fragile. It's hard not to marvel at it. The artist in me believes that LOVE falls somewhere on the middle path between Crazy and Care; between Lover and Friend; between Mistake and Masterpiece; between Accident and Intend… Love is a rare flower that blooms somewhere in the Cracks of Life and Time... I feel very privileged to have met Love many times and told her Story in my pieces.
Stan-Avner Almaleh / Lead-Designer and Master Jeweler at BashertJewelry


For truly “The greatest thing you’ll ever learn is just to Love and be Loved in return”.
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