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Like every fairy-tale this one starts with – Once upon a time …

Or to be more precise, on a late December morning, we got an email with a request for special Valentine’s Day order. At Bashert Jewelry, we strive to create jewelry that is not only elegant and timeless but very personal. So much so that every piece that comes out of our studio tells a beautiful Love Story.

This beautiful love story features Zack and Rose. Zack found us in the magical land of Google+. His request was both challenging and exciting. He was taking Rose to Paris. We were to make a pendant that will always remind her of this romantic getaway and of their love.

Paris itself is a fairy-tale and our greatest inspiration. So the project was personal for us as well. We have never met either Rose or Zack, so we had to use Zack’s perspective on the relationship to draw a design that will carry their passion for one another and at the same time represent Paris. After exchanging quite a few e-mails, phone calls, and pictures, which allowed us to get to know  them both, we proposed a design that was true to THEIR UNIQUE LOVE STORY while staying true to Paris.

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◄ This is the original drawing of the design we proposed. 


After going through few changes on the material and colors combination, we were confident the Love Story of Zack and Rose will come to be a gorgeous piece of jewelry. 

These are some memorable photos of the working process


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This is one of the most touching emails we have received a few weeks later.

“Stan - My apologies for this being a bit late. I wanted to put as much care into my thank you as you put into my necklace and this is about the 6th draft I've written. I started on February 13, but I decided to just send it already as I was letting perfect become the enemy of good. Let me begin by saying I absolutely love my necklace.  It's perfect and more beautiful than I could have ever imagined. Your idea and design for the necklace was brilliant, so unique. You have a great talent, a gift, and I wish you all the best with your business. You crafted a one of a kind piece that I will wear forever. As you may have surmised, Zack is incredibly romantic and always manages to surprise me with the most thoughtful, beautiful gifts. But Zack's greatest gift to me is his love. No one has ever made me feel more special or more accepted for who I am. He is my best friend. With Zack, I am safe. With Zack, I have traveled the world. The first time I had ever been to Paris was with Zack.  He presented the necklace to me on our 3rd trip there together. This necklace is more than a design of the Eiffel Tower. It's more than gold and diamonds. It's a memory, a secret, a kiss, a look, a whisper. It's all of our love. And I thank you again, Stan, for capturing it.

Warmest regards, Rose "


Needless to say those are the moments that make our work so fulfilling. It is magical to come across a beautiful Love Story and to have the privilege to capture it in precious jewelry piece. Thank you, Rose and Zack, for making us part of your Romance!

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