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So Happy Together  –  we forgot,  we have to get married…


SO HAPPY TOGETHER, WE FORGOT WE HAVE TO GET MARRIED... Bashert Jewelry Love Stories and Testimonials Boca Raton Florida

After years of happy dating and tons of fun together we were so in loved, we have totally neglected the social protocol. The one where two people are expected to get married and live happily ever after … 

Our families and friends were making fun of us and our reluctance to put a date on the calendar … Jokingly we declared - “the year after” - as our year. But the year after was always to come. 

Hooray for social conventions…  The social convention dictates starting a family together begins with a promise and a big loud wedding ceremony.  

So, I started researching the engagement ring that will represent my promise to my future bride.  I wanted it to be something made exclusively for her. Something she will always be fond of.  After an extensive research, I found Bashert Jewelry.  They took my idea and made it as perfect as perfect can possibly be.  I had the chance to voice my opinion on every stage of the design and creative process. That alone made the experience really personal for me.  Getting something for my future wife, that many other girls wear, was not an option. My wife is one-of-a-kind and she really deserves something no one else has. Working with a jewelry house that designs your individual piece and makes everything from a scratch is the way to go when you look for something unforgettable.  One day in April,  I presented her with the ring and asked her to seriously consider giving up all the fun we have together and just get married instead….:) She laughed with me and said – she is tired of been happy and she is ready to get married. So we finally set a date, for the greatest amazement of all people that knew us.  Finding the perfect ring and proposing  was an easy task. Planning and preparing a wedding, however, turn out to be a lot of … fun… NOT!  So I stepped aside and left the planning to the ladies in the both families. They were all fine with that, as long as I promised to show up for the big day … I was so happy with the service and experience with Bashert Jewelry it was just natural to ask them to work on our wedding bands. The work again exceeded our expectations.

So Happy Together  –  we forgot, we have to get married… Bashert Jewelry Boca Raton Florida Love Stories and Testimonials

In the midst of August last year, we were two individuals living together having fun, and now we are The Funny Family, expecting our first baby. 

Thanks, Bashert Jewelry


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