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Bonjour Paris. Je t'aime


Picture the scene. Paris. Late spring. Lazy Sunday. A colorful crowd on the square by Notre Dame. Multilingual chatter and laughter. Ahead, Pont de L’Archeveche - the bridge linking the Ile de la Cite with the artistic Left Bank. One of the many extraordinary Parisian sights - the railings of the bridge, from bank to bank, across the Seine, covered in padlocks. They glitter and sparkle in the sun as a vibrant mosaic above the river. All shapes and sizes, brass, steel, black, pink, red… Each adorned with its own message — some scrawled with a marker pen, others carefully engraved. They are messages of love, written by lovers and locked onto the bridge; the key, then thrown into the Seine, as a symbol of their everlasting love! For some just an ancient Chinese tradition, for others, this is a symbol of lifelong commitment. To Love. That sort of thing — the grand romantic gesture, the transforming of the everyday into the extraordinary, the finding of poetry in something as mundane, as a padlock — it could only happen in Paris. So … Bonjour Paris. We found it - my Bashert and I. Our key is at the bottom of the Seine and our love commitment is locked securely in her warm embrace. 

My love had a dream to visit Paris. I had a dream to make her happy. This little romantic getaway of ours was my way of making two dreams come true. Those magnificent Paris nights and our key at the bottom of Seine will always be there for us to come back to on cloudy days. To make sure we both remember our beginning, I gave her a  Bashert Jewelry key pendant that she fell in love with.


Bashert Jewelry Boca Raton Florida. Custom Fine Jewelry. Hancrafted Fine Jewery for Your Love Stories. When in Paris love like Parisian 




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