How to Find Her Ring Size Without Spoiling The Surprise



Staging a surprise has to be the most exciting part of the proposal
Helpful Tips For Surprise Makers


will be the story she will tell and retell for many years to come


“How did he ask?” - will be the most asked question from the day you propose to the day … probably… FOREVER!

Execution is the most important factor when staging a surprise proposal. It does not have to be big or glitzy, loud and public. It just has to be perfectly executed and with a great finesse, if you want it to be remembered!

Make it count!
  • Rule Number One - Engage the Best Friend. Her best friend is your safest route for many reasons. First and foremost - her BFF has the best insides not only on design and diamond “hopes”, but her ring size as well. And, if the friend doesn’t know right away, she can be the one to ask unsuspectingly or stage a helpful sizing under the pretext she is doing it for herself. It is not unheard of to ask the BFF to take your girlfriend engagement ring "window shopping". This way they both get professionally sized and you get the most exact report back to you while staying totally under the radar. (The Mother of your future wife is not a good choice for this scenario! Seriously, no mother takes her daughter “engagement ring window-shopping” without having a serious reason).
  • Rules of Engagement - “All's fair in love and war” … A ring missing for a day or two may not be as suspicious as you might think! Places to look for those “forgotten” treasures are - sinks, tubs, kitchen counters even her nightstand. Try to study her routine and see if she tends to take off her ring before taking a shower or a bubble bath. Many women will remove their rings when they are cooking, bake or clean. Some ladies do not like to sleep with their jewelry on. From personal experience, I can vouch that many ladies will absolutely not wear their rings while exercising. Your best bet is to send her off to a hot yoga class with her BFF and (with some cooperation from the friend) convince her to leave her rings home. Arrange for the girls to grab a bite after yoga or visit a spa, and you have just accumulated about 3 hours to have her ring sized at the nearest jeweler. Make sure you grab a ring, she wears on regularly and have that ring sized. Be careful, though – make sure that is not a thumb ring or fashion ring meant to be worn on mid-finger position. Also, be smart - choose a ring she is not overly, emotionally attached to – you do not want to cause distress and anxiety.
  • The do it "yourself" method - make sure you have a ring that she wears on her ring finger. Slip this ring onto one of your fingers and draw a line on your finger on the both sides of the band. Make sure the ring is in a comfortable position – not too tight or too loose. Now, you have an outline of her existing ring on your finger, to tell you how further along the ring goes, and where exactly it stops. You can do two things: Run to the nearest jeweler and size her finger size, based on your drawing. Or best – request our free ring sizer (bellow) and size your finger with it.
  • Print and Verify - That’s the best approach. Take one of her rings and place it on our PDF ring size chart you will find below. Make sure the INNER circle fits perfectly with one of ours. Get the BFF involved - have her to do it with you, just to make sure two sets of eyes, are seeing the same results. Don't forget - the inner circle of the ring must fit in one of ours. Half sizes or quarters are hard to determine, that’s why we offer free re-sizing 100 days after your purchase.
  • The – ask her directly approach - If you have been discussing marriage for a while with your partner, but you still want the proposal to be a surprise – don’t hesitate to ask her directly for her ring size. Don’t worry you get to keep the “when”,“where” and “how” - wow factors for the surprise. After all, if all else is perfectly executed – you do not want a ring that does not fit to spoil the moment!
  • Explore New Ways - explore the uncharted territory of - “booking a sizing party” for your future fiance. Arrange for the girls, mom, BFF, and others to visit the local jeweler and have fun trying on rings and sizing the future Mrs. Not only you get to size her correctly, but you get to hear opinions on designs she liked the most, stones she finds most attractive and most of all you engage everyone in the game of guessing "When" and "How" and "Where" he will ask.

    Few Things to Account for:
  • Your dominant hand tends to be slightly bigger! Keep that in mind and make sure you are taking measurements of her left hand!
  • Finger sizes have absolutely nothing to do with height or weight! Neither can be an indicator for ring size! The most common sizes for women rings are 6 and 6.5.
  • Be aware thinner bands and wider bands fit differently!
  • If you decide to have her "sized" - make sure when you go in for sizing it is not too hot or too cold outside. Our bodies tend to shrink or expand, with extreme temperatures. Give a few minutes for the body to adjust. Make sure there was no intense exercise done just prior to sizing her. Exercise tends to bring an excess amount of blood to the limbs. Sizing is best done - MIDDAY! Mornings and late nights are not a good time for sizing.
  • The "push it further" effect - Do not do that! Do not force things on! If it does not feel comfortable now - it won't get any better a few hours from now or few days! She does not have to starve herself to get into half a size smaller ring - you are choosing a ring for your girl, not a girl that will fit a particular ring!