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A Young Man in Paris


On a warm May’s night filled stars and distant chatter, I set alone in a little street café in Montmartre. The sky was clear and somewhat purple, as to celebrate the lilac blossoms. Overwhelmed by the enchanting aroma, I was sketching collection of engagement rings, thinking - Why is Paris called “The city of Love”?  I was lost in my inner dialog, when a young and vibrant couple, set next to me and ordered wine. Drowning in each other’s eyes, they were smitten with love. Spring fever, I thought, with sparkling laughter, low voices and loud kisses. When they politely asked me to take a picture of them, to remember this moment forever, unintentionally, I became part of the scene.  While the young woman was instructing me how to use the camera, with the corner of my eye, I caught her companion, quietly kneeling down and taking out a vintage ring box. She saw the confusion on my unshaven face and turned around… There were tears, hugs, and commotion. More thirsty kisses and incomprehensible words, as she gently breathed out her joyful - “I will”… Under the spell of this spontaneous moment, I kept on pushing the record button. And in every frame that glared back at me, in the lilac night, I saw the answer to my question – Why Paris? Why “The City of Love”? … It seemed to me that this unpretentious café, that pavement littered with lilac blossom, under the starry skies, was the perfect, almost magical place to ask for lifelong Love Commitment. Two people coming together to create Future. 

Photography © Manifactura | All rights reserved 


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