The Exotic Word of The Black Pearl

The path less traveled. The exotic, remote blue lagoons of endless romance…

The paradise of the Black Pearls.French Polinesia. Bashert Jewelry. Blog

In other words The French Polynesia.  Tahiti… The magnificent South Pacific, where the senses are overtaken by colors, sounds, and spirits is the birthplace of the Tahitian cultured pearl.

Polynesian Legend tells that Oro, the God of Peace and Fertility, got inspired by the rainbow, his path to the earth. He thus offered to the mother of pearl its iridescence which then gave Tahitian pearls their amazing spectrum of colors.

Natural Black Tahitian pearls are extremely rare since only one out of about 10,000 oysters contains a pearl.

The paradise of the Black Pearls.French Polinesia. Bashert Jewelry. Blog

The mysterious Black Pearl.  It’s a phenomenon produced in the black lipped Pinctada Margaritifera. Known for many interesting characteristics this species of oyster demonstrates the peculiarity of undergoing a change of sex normally during the course of its life. Unfortunately, the Black Lipped oysters were nearly harvested to extinction in the early 1900's for its shell was in great demand by the European button industry. They were rescued later in the 19 century when the first trials of cultivating the Pinctada Margaritifera began in 1961 in the lagoons of Bora Bora. They are now raised only in sea farms in the atolls of French Polynesia.  

is an atoll in the archipelago of Tuamotu East. The atoll is inhabited by 808 people, one of the largest producers of black pearl in French Polynesia. The shape, color, and luster of these certified cultured Black Tahitian pearls are natural. The range in size from about 8 mm to about 25 mm in diameter which is the size of the largest black Tahitian pearl ever found.  

The paradise of the Black Pearls.French Polinesia. Bashert Jewelry. Blog

Pinctada Margaritifera can grow up to 10 pounds in total weight and her creations can be rather large.  The Tahitian Black Pearls are known for deep, dramatic natural colors that are rich in natural undertones ranging from light gray to anthracite black. These Captivating works of nature are prized also for their varying hues a whole spectrum of Sea-Greens, Deep Blues, Purple, Pistachio, Cherry, and Peacock, that oftentimes come with incredible metallic or bronze appearance. The unique characteristics and experience of the “Black Pearl” captivate the imagination of the fellow jewelry designers around the world.


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