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Jewelry Must-Haves!
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Fashion trends fade in and out, but style never does. Classic jewelry pieces are cross-functional, for they are fashionable and constantly in style. In these challenging economic times, it is important to know that your jewelry will cover a vast array of purposes. And no, you do not need to possess a multitude of jewelry pieces for all and every outfit you own or any unexpected occasion you might face. What you need, are staple fine jewelry pieces that can transition from the workday to nightlife, to a day at the beach. Having high-quality "jewelry classics" is an investment you will never regret.

My personal list of “go-to jewelry” that you can easily dress-up or dress down and wear at any occasion always starts with a pair of Martini-Stud Earrings.

Let's start off with the obvious question:

Diamond or No-Diamond Martini Earring Studs?

Jewelry Trends and Rumors - Jewelry Staples (part one) Earring Studs! Bashert jewelry - Custom Earring Studs

Diamond Earring Studs - No matter the size, shape of the stone or metal color, go with every outfit possible. Diamond stud earrings, regardless of the design intricacies, simple or elaborate are probably the most conservative earrings you can wear. They are the most versatile “occasion-jewelry” you can own. From wedding to graduation, and far beyond, you can count on a measured, tastefully elegant appearance when you choose diamond studs. The rule of thumb is that formal and semi-formal occasions should be “dressed” in earrings not larger than a nickel and as close as possible to the earlobe. Diamond studs are well-appreciated staples that can appear beautifully at a work interview as well as a beach party. Sometimes, all you need is a change in hairstyle to turn diamond studs from a “day in the office” look into a "dancing queen". Diamond studs, however, can be an expensive purchase, especially if you buy a high-quality diamond. A well-matched pair of diamonds are highly sought after and hence a very significant investment, however, they are well worth the cost when all the advantages of owning a pair are considered. Diamond studs are a timeless look and feel. However, I consider them in a way, an "age sensitive" item and recommend thinking of it as PG13 look, for it is unwise, for various reasons, to have a minor walk around adorned with high-priced jewelry items.

No-Diamond Martini Earring-Studs – size, shape, color, design and metal choice – all matter. Color Stones Studs are like candies. The more you have the more you want. Those can turn out to be an addictive, little pops of color. You can be rest assure, girls of all ages will appreciate a pair of color stones studs. When you go for a color you have so many possibilities to explore – Birthday Stones; Anniversary Stones; Favorite Colors; Complementing her eye color, her hair color – let your imagination go wild! You can invest in beautiful color stones, that will be the fraction of the cost of diamonds, and still have the same sophisticated look. The variety in the world of color stones is infinite both color-wise and price-wise. It is important to know that color stone studs are much easier to tailor for your budget, than diamond studs. Quick example: If you love to have a vibrant green stone and can’t afford to invest in Emeralds, you can go with the equally beautiful green hues of a Garnet or Peridot, for a fraction of the price of an Emerald. Been more affordable, makes color-stone studs, in a way, almost a collectible item. Gals of all ages and walks of life will tell you – "I can always have another pair". Color studs are one of the easiest ways to bring personality and mood in your wardrobe. They can be both, conservative and adventurous in appearance, and compliment any occasion and any age. Even in the most serious of occasions, a little pop of color won’t hurt. From work-related events to a night on the town, color is what dictates the mood. The biggest advantage of color-stone studs is – they are truly age-free! You can wear them when you are 10 or 110.
Color knows no age!
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