The Exotic Word of The Black Pearl


The misterious and colorful world of the Tahitian Pearls. Bashert Jewelry, Blog

The path less traveled. The exotic, remote blue lagoons of endless romance. In other words French Polynesia. Tahiti… The magnificent South Pacific, where the senses are overtaken by colors, sounds, and spirits is the birthplace of the Tahitian cultured pearl. ...

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How to Care For Your Pearl Jewelry

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How To care for your Pearl jewelry. Bashert jewelry Boca Raton FLorida

"Pearls want to be worn!" There is a saying - and it is true! Enjoy your Pearls! They are true LIVING JEWELS. Leaving your Pearl jewelry in a security box for a long time may cause Pearls to dehydrate and become crumbly...

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Japan - Home of the Iconic Akoya Pearl


 Japan - the Home of the Breathtaking Akoya Pearls. Bashert Jewelry

“Timeless” is a word, mostly associated with the iconic Akoya Pearl. White to cream body color with soft undertones of silver, green and pink – the pearls of Japan are symbols of perfection...

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The Mesmerizing Colors of Fiji Pearls


The mesmerizing colors of the Fiji Pearls. Jewelry Trends and Rumors Blog. Bashert Jewelry

The Fiji Pearls as the Fiji Sunsets come in rich warm hues of gold, copper, champagne, pistachio, cranberry, and chocolate. Their cool hue palette is made up of deep blues and vibrant greens..

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Australia’s Finest South Sea Pearl


The pure world of the Australia's South Sea Pearl. Bashert Jewelry

Pearls are the only gem produced by a living organism, coveted and treasured for centuries. The Australian South Sea pearl oyster (Pinctada maxima) is the largest and rarest of all pearl oysters. ...

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The Journey of the South Sea Golden Pearl


The Journey of The South Sea Golden Pearl. Jewelry Trends and Rumors. Bashert Jewelry Blog

Palawan. Philippines – In the Philippines', pristine tropical waters, resides nature rare, pearl-bearing, gold lipped “Pinctada, maxima” oyster. With their ecologically friendly Pearl farms and passion for perfection, the Philippines have become the premier source for...

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Pearls and Pearl Designs for All


“Pearls are always appropriate.” Bashert Jewelry, Blog

Pearl popularity is at all-time high – designers, celebrities, politicians and, most important, today’s modern women are all demanding Pearls. Classic, edgy or any way in between, there are Pearls and Pearl designs for all...

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