(read for guys or gals that are thinking of asking …)


You are thinking about popping the BIG question… The rest of the events to follow come at you with lightning speed…

How exciting is that? Or just a little bit scary … But scary good, right?

The next you know, you are thinking of how to ask, where to ask, you are planning the details of the day, and of course, the ring… But let’s be honest – the question, that mostly occupies your mind is “THE RING?”.

And just like that, you are on the market for an engagement ring.

It is a big deal asking another person to spend the rest of their life with you. Make sure you ask in style. One thing you can be sure of, whichever way you go about asking, it will be an event full of excitement and bubbling up with emotions. 

First - find out what makes your partner happy. Be especially well informed about their taste in jewelry, before purchasing the ring. You must be aware by now, but in case you are not, (watch Sex and the City, please), THE RING will be shown to the family, friends, colleagues, complete strangers, basically, anyone that asks. Here is where we at Bashert Jewelry can help you make sure your partner gets lots and lots of compliments. We specialize in crafting custom engagement rings that tell your unique love story.

Let me lightly brush upon the main stages of choosing the ring that your future fiancé will love, making sure you will get the best value for your budget.



The myth that you have to spend a specific amount for the engagement ring is silly.  I have heard it all – three-month worth of paychecks, largest credit line limit, 30% of your yearly pay … Forget it all.  You are in charge of your finances, so do what’s reasonable and financially responsible for you. The worth of the engagement ring comes from the emotional charge behind it. The thought and personal touch matter more than the monetary value of the ring. 

Having a budget will help you weed-oud unwise, emotional purchases and unwanted advances by pushy salespeople.

Knowing the limits of your budget will allow you to structure a better relationship with your jeweler. Finding the right center stone can be a wild ride. Don’t stray from your plan. If your loved one likes oval stones, no matter how great of a deal you can get on a princess cut, they will still like ovals better. If they like Aquamarine, a Diamond, however pretty, won’t make them happier. You get my point. Do what makes both of you happy.

Keep in mind – the stone is what the stone is – however, the design is what grabs the eye and the heart. Don’t be swayed toward bigger stones, that you can’t afford, in lieu of watered-down design. Keep in mind beautiful ring does not equal “big stone”. It is all about the proportions, the thought and the meaning of it all.

All that been said, we can help you find the best quality stone that suits your budget. We work with GIA certified diamonds, as well as more affordable and environmentally responsible choices, such as Moissanite and lab-grown diamonds, sourced by the Diamonds Foundry. We work with color stones and pearls. With Bashert Jewelry your options are limitless. We firmly believe the beauty of an engagement ring comes from the emotional charge behind the design, so with us, you will always be the center of the process. We will listen, and we work with your dream.



Design. Design. Design. Your personal touch matters the most. Styles and trends come and go. Classic lines are always in style. However, none of that matters, unless you know what your partner’s individual preferences are. There is only one unique her/him in the Universe. Get to know what that absolutely unique person gravitates toward, classic, modern, glamorous, contemporary, nature-inspired, or something completely individual, something personal, that only you two share. Put your efforts where it matters the most – what design will make them love their ring from now to the end of times. After all, that ring will be on their finger to remind them for your love commitment.

However, mishaps happen, even if you don’t get it right the first time, at Bashert Jewelry, we offer 30day returns and many remounting options to give you a piece of mind.

Our work process on custom pieces is very unique and designed to be error-proofed. We keep you involved, at all the stages of the crafting. From the sketch to the metal casing and stone setting, we deliver timely updates with pictures/videos from the process, so you can be part of it. 




Here are a few of the most popular setting trends you should know about, so when your partner says: “east-west oval halos” are the best – you will know exactly what that means.

Solitaires – refers to any design, that features single center stone. Ring bands can be as simple as a whisper-thin band or as elaborate as Celtic braids.

Halo – refers to any design where the center stone is set in a halo frame. Halos can be single, double, triple – (all referring to the numbers of frames around the center stone. Halos can be “East-West” (meaning the direction of the stone or the prongs are set to point “east-west” direction, instead of the more traditional “south-north” orientation of the stone on the finger). Halos can be “hidden” – meaning the frame will be recessed under the stone and seeing only from the side view of the ring, sort of a frame “under” the center stone. Halos can be “dropped down” – meaning the halo frame will have diamond melees on the top part as well as the side part of the frame.

Three Stone Rings – or also known as trilogies – refers to any design where you have a center stone and two accent stones to compliment it. Often you will see those called – “your past, present, and future”.  Combinations here are truly limitless. Size-wise and shape-wise you can create something truly unique. We can land you our design expertise to make sure you stay proportionally sound. This is one thing you have to be mindful when choosing a trilogy – proportions are the key. 

Wrap-around, Art Deco, Criss-Cross  – We can guide you through the professional lingo, all you have to do is stay vigilant about your partner’s design preferences. Employ the BFF, siblings, mother-in-law, anyone with credible information that knows how to keep a secret.




This is all you.


If You can Imagine it - we can Make it! Bashert jewelry Custom Engagement Rings Online



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