The Mesmerizing Colors of Fiji Pearls

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The magic of the Fiji Pearls. Color Perfection. Bashert Jewelry. Blog

Fiji is a group of 332 islands in the South Pacific Ocean. The majority of Fiji's islands were formed through volcanic activity. The solidification of the molten lava and rocks erupting from the volcanoes gave the islands their very distinctive mountainous relief. Located about 2000 miles west of Tahiti, Fiji is another sanctuary for Pinctada Margaritifera oysters. However, variations in water conditions, surroundings, and plankton species helps the same oyster, known for creating the Black Tahitian Pearl,  to produce some of the most delicious colors of pearls.  About sixty percent of the pearls harvested in Fiji are still somewhat black as the traditional Tahitian pearls and only about forty percent are produced in breathtaking natural colors.

Delicious Colors and Breathtaking Overtones of the Fiji Pearls. Bashert Jewelery. Blog


The Fiji Pearls as the Fiji Sunsets come in rich warm hues of gold, copper, champagne, pistachio, cranberry, and chocolate. Their cool hue palette is made up of deep blues and vibrant greens. The nutrient rich bays, the pristine waters and the unique fauna of the Fiji islands are all factors contributing to the creation of beautiful pearls that may also shine with overtones of turquoise, coppery-gold, dusty rose or deep sapphire.


Delicious Colors and Breathtaking Overtones of the Fiji Pearls. Bashert Jewelery. Blog

Savusavu is Fiji’s hidden Paradise and home of J. Hunter’s Pearl Company. Their sustainable and environmentally responsible farms produce one of the world’s most beautiful Fiji pearls.

The Pearls from Fiji are highly unique and coveted. This spectacular gem is a gift to the pearl community and selected few are fortunate to acquire one.

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