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It's delicate. It's sophisticated. It's coveted around the World.  

Why Pearls?

Transformation of a Pearl holds the promise of new beginnings. It is a long and delicate journey. A process, that, in its essence, is a fight to survive. The Pearl is fighting a little, almost invincible for the eye intruder. The little edges of the sand particle are sharp and bothersome. The Pearl is patiently covering the "intruder" with layers of nacre to soften the very edges, that are tearing her delicate flesh. She has to, in order to survive the sand particle. With time, she will turn the intruder into a beautiful symbol of perfection.

The Maestro Federico Fellini once noted: “All art is autobiographical; The Pearl is the oyster's autobiography.”

How beautifully said. Every Pearl truly is a work of art. And while the majority of our World is on the fast track, Pearls are on Mother Nature’s schedule, not man’s. Each time a Pearl is harvested, brought to market and crafted into a beautiful piece of jewelry, it is a cause for celebration. It reminds us – why we buy jewelry in the first place.

Pearls are always appropriate.

The journey of the Pearl, natural or cultured, from the magical moment it is conceived through its long, complicated and unpredictable voyage into the World - resembles the human journey, and makes clear why Pearls have long been symbolic of Love, Friendship, and Commitment.

Pearl popularity is at an all-time high – designers, celebrities, politicians and, most important, today’s modern women are all demanding Pearls. Classic, edgy or any way in between, there are Pearls and Pearl designs for all. As Jackie Kennedy once put it - 

"Pearls are always appropriate.” 

"Pearls are always appropriate. Bashert Jewelry. Blog

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